The Time Clock supports the clocking of Breaks (both start and end). Your Time Clock will automatically display 1 of 2 options:

Option 1: break buttons

Option 2: no break buttons

To display Option 1 (break buttons):

  1. Login to your My Tanda account 
  2. Click on the General Settings under the cogwheel

3. Click on Breaks 

4. Click on the checkbox Staff can clock breaks using the Time Clock 

5. Click Update Settings 

This will sync with your Time Clock within the next 5 minutes of enabling and saving the Setting. To force a manual sync, follow the Time Clock: Sync Tanda Data guide.

To display Option 2 (no break buttons), disable the permission in settings and wait for the sync between My Tanda and the Time Clock.

If you have any questions or problems following this guide, please contact us through the blue chat bubble or by contacting

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