The Time Clock will sync between your My Tanda account every 5 minutes. However, if you need to manually force a sync - you can do so.

A sync between My Tanda and the Time Clock will:

  • Refresh settings (ie if you enable staff to clock breaks in My Tanda and want break buttons to show in the Time Clock)
  • Refresh users (ie a new Employee has been added and their passcode needs to sync with the Time Clock)

To sync:

1. Passcode into your Time Clock as an Admin
2. Select the Settings button

3. On the drawer, tap Settings 

4. Tap App Details

This will sync User Passcodes, Settings (ie Enable Staff to Clock Breaks) through to your Time Clock. 

If after running a  manual Sync you're still not seeing the expected behaviour, try to reauthenticate your time clock. 

If you run into any issues doing this, please contact us through the blue chat bubble or through 

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