The General Retail Industry managed award template has two options when extending the maximum number of ordinary hours worked in a week from 9 hours to 11, under section 27.3 of the General Retail Industry Award 2010. 

Please note that only one option should apply to your account. This should take into consideration the standard opening and closing hours of the business. 

1. Tag individual shift

Firstly, to use this option shift tagging on timesheets needs to be enabled. Go through the cog to Settings > Timesheets > Show Advanced Settings:

This article outlines in detail the steps to apply a shift tag to a staff member. However, on their profile, under Payroll, ensure 11 Hour Day is present:

Now when on a timesheet, the 11 Hour Day option will appear in the dropdown box: 

When this tag is selected, the shift will count at ordinary hours for 11 hours, and count towards overtime after 11 hours is hit. Keep in mind an employee can be rostered for 11 hours on one day only per week.

2. Adjust shift length award settings

Where a business may operate 11 hour days consistently (for example Thursday or Friday late night trading) there is the option to adjust the maximum shift lengths in the Managed Award Template settings. 

(Note: This option changes the selected day for all staff in your Tanda account working under the General Retail managed template)

To do this, go to Compliance > Award Template > Manage > Award Conditions - Edit these settings. Here the maximum shift lengths are set:

By clicking 'Edit these settings' and going to the Shift Lengths tab, we can edit one day per week to be at 11 hours:

Choose whichever of these options best suits your business needs and staff management needs.

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