Some award rules have a condition that means they can only apply when they're selected as a 'shift tag' on a timesheet. 

The first step is to categorise staff according to their classifications (full time, part time, casual etc). We can also use this tool to add the tags that have been created through award rules to staff. Check out this article to see how to easily bulk categorise staff. 

After staff are assigned the tags set out in award rules, you need to make sure that we have the option to use shift tagging on timesheets.

To ensure this is enabled, go through the cog to General Settings > Timesheets > Show Advanced Settings:

It's always wise to confirm that the staff then have the tag enabled on their profile. This will look different depending if you're on a Managed Award or a Custom Setup, however the best way to check is Workforce > Staff > Choose Staff member > Payroll. Under either Allowances and Penalties or Award classifications there should be the option to click and reveal a list of tags:

If you have used the bulk tagging tool, whatever tag you selected will be there already. Alternatively, you can also just tag staff here.

All that's left to do is apply the tags on timesheets. Because we have the extra dropdown to show award tags ticked, all timesheets will now have a second box appear like this:

When selected, the award rule that is linked to the shift tag will now apply for that shift.

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