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You'll either receive a Welcome Message by Email or SMS from your Manager with how to download the App, or you can also click this link to go straight there. 


Once your Manager publishes the Roster, you'll receive a notification from the Employee App. You may also receive an Email and/or SMS with your Roster.

On the Mobile App, your Roster will display on the Work tab and your next shift on the Overview tab:

View Full Roster

You can view the full roster in the Mobile app by tapping the "View Full Roster" button.

Time Preference

If you have a preference for the time format that you receive your Roster in you can set this on your profile in My Tanda. Once you're logged in, click on the Profile icon in the top right corner and select My Profile:

On the right, you can click to select which time preference you want to apply. The box with blue denotes the applied option, so in this case 24 hour time:


Leave is paid time for Annual or Personal leave for Salaried, Full Time and Part Time. These requests must be approved by Managers. Casual staff don't normally enter leave (although you may be asked for enter Unpaid leave), normally booking time off is done through unavailability. 

Leave can be entered on the Employee App by going to the Me icon at the bottom. Then, tap Leave. Here you'll see any previous Leave requests, but to enter a new Leave request click the plus icon in the top right corner.

You'll then see your Leave Request as Pending and your Manager will receive a notification. You can see the status of the leave request by tapping the Leave page.


Enter the times you aren’t available to work, for example University class or School. Unavailability is used by your Manager when they're creating Rosters, however it's not an approval process, it's a request so it's always best to run it by your Manager first otherwise it could be a first in best dressed policy, such as busy Saturday nights!

Your Manager may have also set some restrictions about how close to the current date you can enter an unavailability request. What this means is that if your Manager has set this to 5 days, you won't be able to enter an unavailability request if it's within 5 days of the current date. 

You also won't be able to enter unavailability if your Manager has locked the Roster. If you can't enter Unavailability and you're not within the time limit, just check if they've locked the Roster for that week.

Know more about how to apply and maximize the unavailability feature on the app in this article.

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