To access the Tanda mobile app requires firstly setting your Tanda password. You will find links to the app on the Apple and Google Play stores on our mobile app landing page.

Viewing your roster

Your shifts will become visible on the mobile app as soon as your manager publishes your roster.

Your manager may also send an email and/or SMS from Tanda with your roster, but you can always find your published shifts in the app.

On the mobile app, your roster will display on the work tab and your next shift on the overview tab:

Viewing the full roster

You can view the full roster in the mobile app by tapping the View Full Roster button.

Applying for leave

Leave can be entered on the mobile app by selecting the Me icon at the bottom. Then, selecting leave. Here you will see any previous leave requests, but to enter a new leave request click the '➕' icon in the top right corner.

Your manager will be notified once your leave request has been submitted. You can see when your leave request has been confirmed by coming back to the leave page.

Confirming unavailability  

Unavailability is used by your manager when building the Rosters to see the times when you aren't available to work. Entering unavailability works the same was as entering a leave request.

Your Manager may have also set some restrictions about how close to the current date you can enter an unavailability request.

You also won't be able to enter unavailability if your Manager has already published the Roster.

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