Keeping employee leave entitlements up to date is important when it comes to making decisions around who can and should take time off throughout the year.

Tanda can hold a leave entitlement in the system for each employee by leave type, and display these balances when employees are applying for leave and managers are approving leave requests.

Live Payroll Systems

If you're using a Live payroll system such as Xero or MYOB (Australia Only), Tanda will automatically import the balances held in these systems into your account. If you're using a Desktop based payroll system, or leave balances cannot currently be imported from your Live payroll system, read on to see how Tanda can manage these balances in your account instead.

Setting up Your Opening Balances

If you do not currently have leave balances for staff in your account, you will want to import opening balances (in hours). You can do this via CSV upload or by opening balances in an individual employee's profile. 

To import opening balances for your staff in bulk, navigate to Time Off > Leave. Under the tools section, select Leave Balances.

Download the CSV template and fill out the opening balances for each of your staff. 

For any leave types which you don't hold balances for, leave these blank.

If you have kept track of your staff's leave balances up until a certain date, you can also enter the date, at which point Tanda will then do the rest of the math (adding accrued hours from worked times/deducting taken holidays). If you've kept updated balances to current day, simply leave the date selector blank:

Upload the template into your account, and Tanda will assign these balances to your staff. From here, Tanda will begin to track your leave balances as requests are approved or amended. 

Adjusting Balances

If at any time you need to adjust the balance held for your staff in Tanda, you can do this in their profile by selecting Leave from the Profile drop-down menu under Workforce > Staff:

Under the Leave Balances header, click on the leave balance you wish to change, and amend the number of hours held in the system for them:

How Are Balances Tracked? 

Tanda will deduct the number of hours from a leave request once it is approved by a manager. Approved leave requests that are amended, or rejected are also taken in to account when calculating the amount of leave remaining in the system. 

You can also make sure that the leave balances don't go below 0. Click here to read our article about it.

Setting Up Accruals for Hourly Staff

If you have staff that accrue leave based on the hours they work, you can set an accrual percentage on the leave type once a balance has been imported. Under Compliance > Time Off Types > Leave Type enter the accrual percentage in the "Hours accrued per hour worked" field.

Once set, approved shifts will update the balance held against this leave type using the accrual percentage. 

You can accrue TOIL in Tanda as well. Check this article to know how.

Accruing Based on Approved Leave

If a leave accrual percentage is set, Tanda will also accrue based on paid approved leave. If you do not want this leave type to "self accrue" or accrue based on approved leave of its own type, leave the check box under the accrual percentage field blank.

Otherwise, if you do want approved leave of this type to accrue to the balance, ensure you have checked the box and click Update Leave Type.

Configuring your Leave Year

If the balances you have uploaded in to Tanda relate to a particular 12 month period, known as a "Leave Year" and do not want Tanda to deduct balances for leave requests in the following leave year, you will need to set a leave year start date.

Go to General Settings > Time Off:

From here you can enter the month and date that you would like leave balances to be taken from, or accrued from. As the new year rolls over, approved leave in the next leave year will be deducted from the current balance held in Tanda.

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