• July 1 updates happen at the End of Financial Year and involve updating the minimum wages of all staff based on the National Minimum Wage review.
  • Regular updates occur from time to time based on changes made by the Fair Work Ombudsman to an Award over the course of the year.

End of Financial Year Updates on July 1

At the End of Financial Year, Tanda will let you know when this update is ready to be pushed to your Tanda account and Payroll & Accounting system. 

When the update is ready, you will see a message titled EOFY Award Update Available pop up in Tanda:

To update the Award, go to Compliance, look for your Award Template, and click Manage.

You will see an Update Award to New Year button next to each Award you have activated in your account. Click on this button:

You will then be prompted to choose the dates from which your new Financial Year starts. The new rates will usually apply to your first full pay period after July 1st. 

For example, if your current pay period is Monday 26th June to Sunday 2nd July, you should set the new rates to apply from 3rd July.  If you are unsure when the new rates are meant to apply from, you should check with Fair Work.  

Once you have selected your Pay Period Start Date click the orange Update Award to New Year button to update the rates in Tanda and your accounting system. 

System Information

For MYOB AccountRight Live and Xero customers, staff pay rates in your payroll system will be automatically updated before your process your next pay run.  Please remember to check any staff which have a custom or above award rate applied on their profile in Tanda.  

Note: if  you are updating the templates just before needing to export to payroll, we recommend forcing a template update from the "Manage Award" page on each template.  Please allow 20 minutes for these changes to take affect in your payroll system.  

For MYOB Desktop and Reckon Accounts customers, you will need to update the rates in your payroll software after finalising your payroll for last financial year. When you click the update button, you’ll be redirected to a report of new pay rates for the new year.

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