This guide details the steps required to update Tanda's Managed Award templates.

1 November 2021 Award Increase

The updated award rates for the below awards are currently under review now that the formal Pay Guides have been released by the Fair Work Ombudsman.

The increased rates will be available shortly.

The below Tanda award templates are increasing from 1 November 2021:

  • Amusement Award

  • Dry Cleaning and Laundry Award

  • Fitness Award

  • Hair and Beauty Award

  • Hospitality Industry Award

  • Nursery Award

  • Registered Clubs Award

  • Restaurant Award

How it works

For employees covered under a Tanda Award Template, Tanda automatically applies minimum wage updates.

A recent improvement to our Award templates means no action is required in Tanda, the update will occur automatically at the beginning of your first full pay period after the new rates apply.

Depending on the payroll software you use, you may need to update base hourly rates manually in your payroll software.

Updating rates for Xero and MYOB AccountRight Live

For Xero and MYOB AccountRight Live, rates update automatically through Tanda's integration. No further action is required, however you should confirm that the updates have occurred as expected prior to processing your first pay run after the change.

Updating rates for all other payroll systems

At the beginning of the first full pay period, follow the below steps to match the rates in your payroll software to the rates in Tanda:

  1. Generate a report of the new base hourly rates in Tanda. Navigate to Compliance > Award Template > Manage. In the manage award template page for each award you will find a payroll integration report:

    Tip: depending on your payroll software, the button might be named something different, but it will always be located in the same place as the above image.

  2. Update the base hourly rates in your payroll software to match the new base hourly rates contained in the Tanda payroll configuration report.

When do updates apply from

Tanda will automatically update award rates on the start date of your first full pay period after the effective date. For further information on effective dates, see the Annual Wage Review summary from the Fair Work Ombudsman.

How to check the new rates have applied correctly

Navigate to Compliance > Award Template > Manage. The date 'Last Edited...' will show the date the template has most recently been updated.

You can also check the rate in the payroll export summary of a timesheet that begins in the first full pay period following the effective date.

How does Tanda know what rates are correct?

As the minimum wage announcement from the Fair Work Commission is generally a few weeks ahead of the Fair Work Ombudsman's updated pay guides, Tanda firstly performs our own calculations to ensure updated rates are available to all users in time for their operational date.

Once pay guides are issued by the Fair Work Ombudsman, our team perform a final validation against the Fair Work Ombudsman pay guide. This is to confirm that our methods of rounding match the rounding methods of the Ombudsman.

It's not uncommon to find disagreement between industry body pay guides, and those published by the Ombudsman (usually of 1 cent).

Tanda has called upon the Fair Work Commission and the Fair Work Ombudsman to clarify a rounding standard for these calculations to remove any ambiguity.

Where to find extra help

If you have any questions on rate changes, reach out via the chat window in your account or to

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