Tanda can be configured to manually or automatically apply breaks for staff. This information feeds through to the Roster and Timesheet costing and award calculation.

Set Automatic Breaks

You can ensure staff are allocated their correct breaks by setting automatic paid and/or unpaid breaks to apply to their rosters and timesheets. If your staff clock breaks, automatic breaks can ensure you are compliant in instances where your staff forget to clock the break. You can set this under Settings > Breaks tab:

Under the Breaks tab, you can either configure the times allocated to all staff or apply to specific staff. Check out this article to learn more.

Automatic unpaid breaks will still be sent out to staff with their Roster, letting them know how long their break is that applies for their shifts.

On the roster, automatic unpaid breaks are denoted by adding the teacup icon at the end of the finish time:

Roster a Break Time

If you need to roster in exact break times, you can do this by clicking on the 3 dots  on the top right corner of a shift and click Edit break > Add break:

You will now see that a break time has been set at left side of your screen together with the other information of the shift selected. Staff will receive the time of their break on their Roster. They will also need to clock-in and out on the Time Clock if you don't have automatic breaks set, for this time to be deducted from their Timesheet. 

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