Depending on shift length, an employee may be entitled to one or more breaks during the shift. You may just want to communicate what breaks an employee is entitled to, or you may also want to specify when the employee should take a break. 

Schedule break/s

Ensure staff are allocated their correct breaks by setting automatic breaks to apply to their schedules. 

To enable automatic breaks:

  1. As an Admin, navigate to your user menu, then Settings. If you are not an Account Admin, you will need to contact your Admin to do this for you.
  2. Switch to the Breaks tab. 
  3. Tick 'Enable Automatic breaks'.
  4. Specify what break apply to what employees, when, and whether or not these breaks are paid. You can create different rules for different subsets of employees (i.e permanent in comparison to casual. 
  5. Confirm Update Settings. 

Once configured, shifts of relevant lengths will have a break automatically apply on the schedule, signified by a tea cup appearing on the shift.

Specify Break Time / Manual Breaks

If you need to schedule exact break times or manually enter a break:

  1. Click on the break icon followed by + Add Break OR click the ⋮ on the shift card followed by Edit Breaks.
  2. Enter the break start and break end time.

Break details will be communicated to staff when publishing the schedule. 

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