How a shift is structured will depend on your business operations. These are our recommendations for how to build common shift types. 

Split Shift

If your staff work two or more shifts within a day, this is generally considered a split shift. There are two ways you can schedule a split shift.

One Shift with a break in the middle

To schedule a split shift as one shift with a break:

  1. Create a shift card.
  2. Enter the start of the first shift as the Start Time, and the end of the last shift as the End Time.
  3. Click on the shift card to add a break.
  4. Enter the end of the first shift as the break start and the start of the next shift as the break end. You can add multiple breaks if required.

This way of scheduling a spilt shift is useful if the employee works in the same role across shifts - you would only need to specify the role once. 

Multiple shifts

Creating multiple shifts is useful if an employee changes roles throughout the day. To schedule multiple shifts, simply create multiple shift cards with the specified time and roles required on each card.

An Overnight Shift

To schedule an overnight shift:

  1. Create the shift card on the date the shift begins.
  2. Enter the start time and end time. If using 12 hour time, enter an 'a' after the number.

The end time will highlight blue to signify is it an overnight shift. 

If an overnight shift goes across pay periods, you may need to create seperate cards depending on how this shift, or part thereof, is wanting to be paid this pay period. 

Midnight Start

To schedule a shift that starts at midnight:

  1. Create a shift card on the date the shift commences.
  2. Enter the start time as 00:00 or 12a.


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