If you're not sure how to format a Roster start or finish if your staff work split shifts, overnight shifts or start at midnight, you can check below for Tanda best practice.

Go to the relevant roster by either clicking on Rosters > Browse Rosters or Current Roster:

Roster a Split Shift

You may need to roster a split shift if your staff work 2 shifts within a day with a break in between. There are two ways you can roster a split shift dependent on what team the staff member works in. Option 1, is for staff working within the same team across both shifts. Option 2, is for staff who will be working across two different teams.

Option 1: One Shift with a break in the middle

In Week view, accessed in the left sidebar under Views, create a shift and roster the start and finish time as the start of the first shift and the finish time as the end of the second shift and then click on the pencil icon and select Add break:

Enter the end of the first shift and start time of the second in the Break column:

In the left sidebar again under Views, click on Week and when you hover over the break icon, it will now show you the time in between the split shift. This will be sent through to the employee in an SMS/Email similarly:

Option 2: Two separate shifts

The other way to roster a split shift is to create two shift cards. This will allow you to roster that person into a different team in one of their shifts:

As above, the employee is working in one shift role in their first shift and then a different one when they return back for the second part of their shift.

Important Information

The staff member on a split shift will have to clock in and out for their break in between, so that Tanda knows that they did not work for this time.

Roster a Midnight Start

We'll use the following scenario to illustrate how this works, Laura is rostered to start at midnight on Friday night, but in actual fact her shift is starting on a Saturday.

You'll enter the shift on the Saturday, as the start time as 00:00 and the finish time as relevant:

If Laura gets to work early and clocks-in at 11:56pm Friday night and you have timesheet rounding set, it will just round to her start time which will be Saturday. If you don't have Timesheet rounding on and she's early, you might need to manually change it on the Timesheet if you want it to sit on one day, otherwise it'll just show as Friday to Saturday.

You may just need to be careful rostering midnight starts at the end of your pay period, depending on what your business policy is as to where the shift falls as to where it is paid.

Roster an Overnight Shift

We'll use the following scenario to illustrate how this works, Laura is rostered to start at 11pm on Saturday and she'll finish Sunday morning.

On the Saturday roster, enter the start time of the shift, in this case 11pm. In the shift card, enter the finish time for the next day, as per below:

You'll notice that the finish time is now blue, this is to signify that this is an overnight shift. Just always remember, put the shift on the day that the shift begins.

If you would like further assistance please contact Tanda Support by clicking on the blue chat icon in the bottom right corner, on 1300 859 117 or support@tanda.co 


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