Once you've made your first Roster, you can use different functions in Tanda to speed up and automate the process for your next Roster:

Go to the relevant roster you want to replicate all or part of by either clicking on Rosters > Browse Rosters or Current Roster:

Copy individual shifts

If an employee generally works the same shift, to save you from having to create that same shift card over and over again, you can just create it once and then copy it.

With Keyboard Shortcuts

You can easily copy and paste shifts using our rostering keyboard shortcuts.

Simply hover over the shift card until you see the grab icon. Next press c or ctrl+c on your keyboard, then move to another day on the roster where you can enter a new shift and press v or ctrl+v to paste. The copy of the shift card will then be created. Alternatively you can also hold down ctrl and drag a shift to copy the shift and place it where needed.

Pencil icon

If you prefer not using shortcuts, you can copy shifts by clicking Copy from the shift card pencil menu:

Select Copy and a duplicate of that shift will be created below. You can then drag the second shift card to another day.

Copy a Daily or Weekly Roster

Copy shifts between days

To copy a day click the drop down arrow to the right of the day and select Copy shifts between days:

The Copying From date will populate with the date you have just selected the shifts from, click the Copying To date to bring up the calendar to select the day you want to copy those shifts to. 

If you're copying a Monday, it doesn't have to go to a Monday, it can go to any day of the week. Similarly with Month and Year, you can copy any day to any day/date/year.

Once you've selected the dates, click the green Copy Shifts button in the bottom right:

Just keep in mind, that you should make this copy first before manually adding any shifts to the day you're copying to, as they'll be written over otherwise. You should always copy first and then add in. 

Copying roster between weeks

To copy the whole roster to another week, click on Tools and then Copy between weeks:

Select under Copying To, the week you want to add the new roster to and then the Copy Shifts button:

Just keep in mind again that once you copy over the roster, any shifts on that week will be replaced. If you need to add in new shifts, copy the roster over first and then add them in.

Copy specific Locations & Teams

You can also just copy specific Locations & Teams days or whole rosters. To do this, just select the relevant location or team in the filter on the left:


Templates can be a great tool when rostering for different periods in your business or different Locations and Teams. They can also be used if say your Full Time staff work the same shifts each week, but you want to start afresh with Casuals each time you create a Roster.


  • Peak Times/ Quiet Times
  • Week 1, Week 2, Week 3 and Week 4 of your Roster
  • Full Time and Part Time Staff

Admin, General Managers and Team Managers are able to create and save Templates however, only Admin and General Managers are able to delete templates.

To create a template you simply need to create the roster which you would like to save as a template and then go to Template > Save this roster as a template:

Click on Editing at the top to give your Template a name:

When you apply this template to a roster, you'll still be able to make changes to shifts including staff names, shift times and teams the staff are in for that shift. You will also be able to edit the template in the future simply by navigating to the template through Templates > Name of Template > Edit.

Smart fill for rosters
This is helpful for vacant shifts that are still waiting to be taken. This option will automatically assign employees that are available to work those shifts.

Admins and General Managers will have the ability to assign multiple templates to a roster as long as they ensure that they have the corresponding Location or Team selected in the side bar before the import that template:

Templates can be a very useful tool however, you will always need to be careful not to apply a Template over the top of shift which has already been created within the roster, as this cannot be undone. Instead, always apply the Template first and you can then add in additional shifts and change the roster to suit you.

Tip: if you need to keep a track of which Template was applied in that week, just click the bubble "comment" icon in the top corner and then add in a note to yourself:

Schedule Roster to Copy Each Week

If your roster doesn't change each week and you only need it in Tanda for Timesheet rounding, you can schedule Tanda to automatically copy your roster every week.

Admins can set this up under the Settings cog in the top right corner of the account. Click on Notifications & Tasks > Scheduled Tasks:

Click on the Copy Rosters to Next Week task and Click here to enable it:

If nothing has been entered for the roster in the folliwing week, the previous week's roster will automatically populate at 9am the day before your roster week begins. 

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