Save time creating a schedules by company standard shifts across days, weeks, and team members.

Copy individual shifts

If an employee generally works the same shift, to save you from having to create that same shift card over and over again, you can just create it once and then copy it.

To copy an individual shift:

  • Select the shift followed by Ctrl+C on your Keyboard. Click on where you'd like the shift to be pasted, followed by Ctrl+V.
  • OR hold the ctrl (windows) / option (mac) then drag and drop the shift.
  • OR select the ⋮ icon on the shift followed by duplicate. Then drag the newly created card to the desired date.

Copy multiple shifts

If you have similar shifts across roles, days, or weeks you can copy a group of shifts.

To copy a group of shifts:

  • Select Quick Build on the schedule side bar.
  • Click Copy Shifts.
  • Specify the day/s to copy from and the day/s to copy to.
  • Specify what shifts you would like to copy. By default all visible shifts will be displayed and you can tick the shifts to be copied.
  • Confirm Paste Shifts and Close.

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