Dashboard: Setup Checklist and Task List
Get help setting up your account or completing tasks in Tanda
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The Dashboard is the first screen you see when you login to Tanda and a great way to see what's happening in your business. You can always find your way back here by clicking on Dashboard in the header of your account:

The Dashboard contains mini boards or widgets which contains different information, links or activities to help you get the most of out Tanda. One of those widgets is What Should I Work On? 

Setup Checklist

When you first open your Tanda account, the Setup Checklist steps you through how to setup your account.  

  • Only Admins will be able to see this tab, all other users will just see the Task List (described below):

Click on a name or button in the checklist to go to that section in Tanda.  For detailed information on how to setup your account, have a look at our Get Started with Tanda articles. 

Task List

The Task List shows you key activities that should be completed in Tanda.  All users (except employees) will see the Task List, however Tasks will be relevant to the type of permission. 

For example, only Admin & Payroll users would see tasks related to your Payroll Integration and Team Managers will only see activities related to their Teams:

Tasks in the List include:

  • New staff to be assigned to Team (Admins and General Managers)

  • New staff to be configured on Award (Admin and Payroll only)

  • Timesheets to be approved for the day before (All users)

  • Leave to be approved (all users but Team specific for Managers)

  • Qualifications that have expired for staff (All users except Payroll only)

  • Time Clocks are Offline (Admin only)

  • Payroll Integration has been disconnected (Admin only)

Tasks will have a link below the activity to take you to the area in Tanda to action this. Once you have completed it and you return to the Dashboard it will no longer be visible. 

Best Practice

You can still continue using Tanda without completing Tasks, but some activities will impact on those, such as your Payroll Integration being disconnected will mean you can't automatically import staff and export timesheets, so it's best to see the Task List as a goal to complete to get the best from your account.

Moving Widgets

If you want to move where this widget sits on your Dashboard, hover over the heading until you see the 4-arrows and then click and drag to the new location. Widgets can't be minimised or deleted. 

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