This guide details the process of resetting your password, and changing the email address you use to log in at both and the Mobile App.

Tip: your 'password' is different to your 'passcode' - your time clock passcode is contained in your invitation email and visible in your Mobile App.

If you have never accessed Tanda before

❗You need to be sent an invitation email by a manager. Follow the 'set your password' link in this email. See Staff: Access your Tanda account.

If you forgot your current password

To reset your password, request a password reset email here and check your inbox for an email from Tanda containing instructions.

Tip: Check all areas of your email inbox. Search your inbox for 'Tanda' to be sure, otherwise, have a manager check the email you are using is the same email as on your employee profile.


If the password reset email didn't arrive: your profile will need to be currently active in Tanda, and your employer needs to have invited you to join your Tanda account. Check with your employer that the email on file is the same one you requested a reset email to and that your profile is active.

If the password reset process requested your current password: you are still actively logged into a Tanda account in your web browser. Log out or clear your browser cache.

If you can already access Tanda and want to change your own password or email

Update your email or current password by logging in at in a web browser.

Select your name in the top right of your profile, then 'Change Account Details'

Here you can update your email or pick a new password. To change your password using this method you will need to know your existing password. If you don't know your password, log out of your Tanda account and follow the password reset steps above.

If you are a manager and want to update the email of a another user

Note: only users with manager permission level or greater can modify the email associated to a Tanda profile.

Navigate to the Staff profile (Workforce > Staff):

Select 'Unlink Tanda profile' to allowed editing of the email field. After entering the updated email, select 'Update Employee Details' to save your changes:

Select 'Invite to Tanda' to send an invitation email to the updated email address. The user will need to follow the invitation email to set a new password.


Tip: If you ever don't see an 'Unlink Tanda profile' button on an employee profile and instead just see 'Invite to Tanda' this means the user hasn't yet been sent an invitation email or their profile has been unlinked.

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