You can change an employee's Email and Password for logging in to My Tanda and also the Email used for sending Passcodes and Rosters in Tanda. If an employee wants to update the email their Payslip is sent to, you'll have to do that directly in your Payroll & Accounting system.

To update this information for Tanda, go Workforce > Staff:

Click on the relevant employee's name to go into their profile.

Change Email

If the employee hasn't been invited to Tanda before, the Email field should be white. To change the Email Address, just click in the field and type in the new Email and click Update Employee Details at the bottom:

This new email will then be used when Passcodes or the Roster is sent out by Email.

If it's greyed out though, this means this Email is linked with the employee logging in to My Tanda, so you can either ask the Employee to update their Email themselves. 

Below the Email address, you'll see a white Unlink Tanda profile button. When you click this, the Email field will then turn to white so you can update it:


If an employee forgets their password, the quickest thing if for them to click the "Forgot my password" button where they are trying to login. 

You can send this email yourself as well from their Profile in Tanda. Just below the employee's Email you'll see 'Send password reset email'. Just click this and an email will be sent to the employee to reset their password.

You can change your own password within your Profile in Tanda by clicking the blue Change my password link:

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