When staff enter Leave themselves this will automatically display on Timesheets as pending or approved. As best practice, staff should enter Leave themselves. 

On occasion though, you might need to enter Leave directly yourself, when you're approving Timesheets, in which case you can just enter it on the shift. At the bottom of this article we'll also explain some common issues with Leave and how to solve. 

Add Leave on Weekly/Fortnightly Timesheets

Go to Timesheets > Weekly/Fortnightly and click on the relevant employee's name to go into their Timesheet. At the end of the shift relating to the day for Leave, click the plane icon to Add leave:

The Leave will be automatically populated for the day you selected the leave icon against, however you can edit it, along with the hours (say if they went home after a portion of their shift) and assign the Leave Type. Once you have finished click Submit Leave Request:

The Leave will automatically be approved and displayed as green on the Timesheet:

The original shift will display above, however you can click the collapse icon if you don't want to see it, there's no need to enter any hours or try to approve to blank shift:

Add Leave on Daily Timesheets

Go to Timesheets > Daily > go to the relevant day and then scroll to the relevant employee and click the plane icon at the end of the shift to Add Leave:

The Add Leave Request box will pop up, again with the day automatically filled. Add the relevant details and click Submit. As above, the original shift will show above the Leave, but you can just click collapse if you don't want to see it.

Edit & Delete Leave

If you need to edit or delete Leave already on a Timesheet, you can click on the Leave information and it'll take you directly to Time Off > Leave:

From here you can update the Leave or Decline/Delete the request.

Common Issues

  • Can't apply a Leave type against an employee: this can happen in two scenarios - if you go to apply leave on a Timesheet and you can't select any leave types against the employee's name in the Type: drop-down box or you apply for leave under Time Off > Leave and you can't see the employee's name in the Select an employee drop-down. 

First, check in Payroll > Leave Types > for the Applies to for the leave types you have setup:

If you're missing a classification, click on the Name to edit the Leave Type and select the missing classification. Then go back into the Leave request and you should be able to select the employee. 

You can also check the employee's profile by going to Workforce > Staff > click on the employee's name > Payroll tab and check their classification. If they're not classified as a type that matches with the Leave, change this on their profile and save. 

  • Leave not exporting on weekends or showing 0 hours: by default, Tanda doesn't count weekends as being included in paid Leave. If you or an employee tries to apply for leave on a weekend, 0 hours will populate as a warning. You can still enter hours and apply and it will look like this on the Timesheet: 

As there's no Hours or Cost it won't export to your Payroll system and deduct from the employee's entitlements.

If your business runs 7 days a week and weekends are counted as paid Leave, in the General Settings under the Time Off tab you will see an option Cost leave requests on weekends. Ensure this is ticked and then when you come back to the Leave request, it should look like this:

  • Leave showing Hours but no Cost: if the Leave request on the Timesheet has the amount of hours but no cost, there isn't a multiplier entered in the Leave setup. Go to Payroll > Leave Types > click on the leave to edit and then in the Pay Rate multiplier field, enter 1 or 1.175 if you include leave loading.

For information on Public Holidays on Timesheets check out the following article

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