After you have crafted a schedule and are ready to share with staff, it's time to publish the schedule.

To publish a schedule:

  1. Select the 'Review & Publish' option on the schedule to be published.
  2. Review the schedule date and included shifts to confirm you are publishing the desired schedule, then proceed with 'Select Team & Publish'.
  3. Specify how the schedule should be published. Options include the mobile app, email, and SMS. By default the Mobile App must be selected as an option.
  4. Select the staff you would like to notify. By default all staff on the schedule will be selected for publishing. Tick and untick to pick specific teams or individuals.
  5.  Add a message to be included with the schedule (optional).
  6. Preview what staff will see on their schedule (optional).
  7. Confirm 'Publish'.


How much does an SMS cost?
SMS charges are 3.5 cents AUD per message, which is the amount charged by our supplier. These costs can be avoided by encouraging everyone to download the app.

What if an employee doesn't have the mobile app installed?
If 'mobile app' is the only method of delivery selected and the employee does not have the app, the schedule will be sent as an email instead.

What does the orange icon next to the employee indicate?
This icon next to an employee's name indicates the employee is missing contact details on their employee profile. Hover over the icon to see which contact details are missing. Click on the icon to be directed to the employee profile where details can be updated. 

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