You can let Tanda know your business hours on the roster, to make viewing the spread of shifts easier to see.

Go to the relevant roster by either clicking on Rosters > Classic Rosters - Current Roster.

Ensure you're in Day view, by clicking on Day in the Roster Views sidebar and selecting a day:

Adjust the slider to set the opening and closing hours of your business:

Once set, this will then come into effect on the shift graphs, making it easier to see the spread of shifts for the day and ensure you have the right amount of staff rostered on:

If you're using Tanda's Predictive Workforce or Cognitive Rostering, Business Hours can be adjusted under the Manage Demand Data box:

Currently this setting applies for each day, so you only have to set it once. If you have different hours for different days, just set the maximum start and finish so it covers all day's times. 

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