Allowances can be used to provide an employee with an additional amount if a particular employment condition occurs on the timesheet. Allowances are pre-built into the Managed Award Template or can be created manually by yourself. They can also be set to apply automatically or manually.

Pre-built in Managed Award Template

If you have a Managed Award template enabled in Tanda, the template will have allowances pre-built into Tanda. Common examples of pre-built allowances includes first aid allowance and the uniform & laundry allowance. 

To enable an Allowance for an employee, go to Workforce > Staff > click on the employee's name to go into their profile > click on Payroll tab:

In the Award setup on the right side of the Payroll tab, under the Allowances and Penalties drop-down, select the relevant Allowance and then press Update Employee Details at the bottom to save. 

If you couldn't find the relevant Allowance in the drop-down or want to check the conditions of allowances you can do so by following the steps below. 

Check the Allowances included in an Award

If you want to check the list of Allowances pre-built into Awards and also the conditions and rate, you can view them under Compliance > Customise Your Setup > Allowances > Manage. 

You will then see a list of names in the Shift Allowances list. Allowances with the lock icon and the words Read only at the end of the row are allowances that you cannot edit or delete as they are built into the Award:

Create a Custom Allowance

  1. To create a custom allowance, head to Compliance > Customise Your Setup > Allowances > Manage. 

2. Click on the green + New allowance button in the top right corner:

3. First, set a Name for the Allowance and link this to your Payroll & Accounting System. 

4. Next, select what type of allowance it is - Manual or Automatic:

Manual allowances require detail on who it will apply to and the rate to be paid. This will only apply when you add it to the timesheet. A common example is the travel allowance where the distance travelled (i.e. kilometers) is manually entered on the timesheet.

Automatic allowances apply whenever the conditions specified on the form are met, including factors such as the day, time and type of shift. For example, an employee can receive the laundry allowance for every shift they work. 

5. Set whether you want all staff to be eligible for the allowance or whether this will only apply to specific staff with specific tags (ie, Part Time/ Casual, a specific grade of pay, etc).

6. Then, under ‘What rate is it paid at?’, select the either the ‘multiplier’ option or the ‘specific cost’ option. 

Both manual and automatic allowances require a rate to be specified, which can either be a specific cost (e.g. dollar amount) or multiplier (calculated with the employee's base hourly rate). 

6. When you're finished, just click Create Allowance at the bottom to save.

7. If the allowance was automatic, it should apply to the corresponding time sheet automatically should the required conditions be met. If the allowance was manual, head to the necessary timesheet and select the allowance from the blue ‘+Add’ option next to ‘No Allowances Applying’. Then, select the allowance you’ve just created from the list, enter the required number of units and hit 'Save Allowances'. 

8. Your allowance will now apply to the timesheet.

You can then check or start applying Allowances to Timesheets. For information on how Allowances apply on Timesheets check out the following article

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