If you have had a change to the structure of your business and no longer need to have a Location or Team in Tanda, you can remove it. All historical rosters/timesheets will still apply to the Location or Team, unless you recalculate them. Just keep in mind once it is deleted though, Tanda can't bring it back. You would need to re-create everything that you deleted again. 

To access your Team setup, go to Workforce > Teams:

Remove Location

To remove or delete a Location, you first need to remove any of the Teams within this Location. 

If you click on Edit Location and can see Delete Location in the bottom right corner, but it's greyed out, it means there are still Teams within this Location

Have a read of the information below on how to remove a Team and then once you have done this, click back on Edit Location and the Delete Location will now be red:

Remove Team

To remove a Team, click on the Team name or the pencil icon on the far right of the name:

In the bottom right corner, click on Delete team:

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