To allow staff access to more functionality in Tanda or to restrict access, you can set their permission level in Tanda.

Go to Workforce > Staff:

Click on the relevant staff member’s name to go to their profile:

Permissions are enabled in the bottom right hand corner of the Profile:

Admin Permission

Tick the Admin box to enable this staff member to have access to everything in the system. Only Admins can see this Permissions screen in the profile, so only an Admin can assign another staff member access to My Tanda.

If your Admin won’t be using the Time Clock or being rostered on, untick the Employee box, otherwise leave as both ticked.

If someone is ticked as an Admin, you don’t have to tick any of the other options i.e Payroll Officer, Manager of teams as Admin overrules any other permissions.

Payroll Officer Permission

Tick the Payroll Officer box to enable a staff member to configure payroll information for staff and export timesheets to your payroll/accounting system. This permission is best for your Accountant, Bookkeeper or Finance team. This level of access will be restricted from seeing the configuration options under the Settings cog (they will only see the Employee Portal)

However they will still have access to the rest of the heading options - Dashboard, Workforce, Rosters, Timesheets, Time Off, Payroll and Reports:

General Manager Permission

Tick the General Manager box to enable your staff to see everything in Tanda, including staff costs and pay rates, except the Permission, Payroll or Settings headings.

They won't be able to assign permissions to staff, edit any Award/Leave rules, Allowances or General Settings in your account. 

So what's the difference between a General Manager and a Team Manager? The General Manager permission is very handy if you want some of your staff to see staff costs/pay rates but not others. Set those that you don't want to see rates as a Team Manager and turn off costs in the General Settings (explained below in more detail). 

This option is also useful for a Manager that oversees rostering and timesheets across all teams, as they can see all staff in Tanda. 

Team Manager Permission

Team Managers have access in My Tanda to:

  • The Dashboard - Task list, Live Time Clock Feed, Who's In Today and Weekly Planner (but only by hours if costs are turned off)
  • Add new staff (but not configure payroll information if costs are turned off)
  • Add qualifications to staff
  • Create and update Team information
  • Create Rosters
  • Approve Timesheets 
  • View Unavailability
  • Approve Leave
  • View Reports (only if costs are turned on)

To enable a Team Manager, in permissions you need to select the Teams they can view staff for:

To restrict costs and some other features for Team Managers, Admins can do this in Settings > General Setting and clicking on the Managers tab:

Employee Permission

All staff are set as Employees by default which enables them to be rostered on by Managers and use the Time Clock as soon as they have their passcode. 

You can also give staff access to the Employee Portal and My Tanda. This access is dependant on your business policies as to how you want to handle staff Leave and missed clock-ins and is configured in General Settings > Time Off and Employees tabs:

Leave: if it is ticked that employees can enter leave requests, this enables them to enter leave in the Portal and My Tanda (if they are then given access).

Under the Employees tab: ticking Employees can add times to their own timesheets allows them to access the Portal and My Tanda to enter missed clock-ins:

So if you don't want employees to enter leave and enter their own times, the Employee Portal will be disabled. It will also mean they can't see the Time Off and Timesheets tab in My Tanda but they can still see the Rosters tab.

You can invite staff to use My Tanda with the following article. You can also link Staff to the following articles which also allows you to see what staff see when they perform certain tasks. 

A Quick Note on Billing: Generally, billing is based upon number of employees using Tanda. If you are an Admin and will not be clocking in and out, unticking Employee permissions will remove your account from billing.

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