If you want your staff to be able to notify you of their unavailability in Tanda, you can send them a link to their mobile via SMS that they can use to enter their requests.

First, you’ll just need to ensure you have the App enabled in General Settings, under the Time Off tab:

Ensure you have ticked Employees can use an app to enter unavailability:

Send Link To All Staff

Go to Workforce > Staff:

Under the Tools drop-down on the far right, select Send passcodes to staff:

Select whether you want to Email or SMS the link, if you want both just ensure both are ticked:

Next, select the relevant Staff. You can also click Select all to apply a tick next to everyone.

* Staff with an exclamation ! next to their name, may have an invalid phone number or email address in their profile, just click on their name to go to their profile to check and update. 

Click the green Send info to staff button and staff will receive an SMS/Email with a link to Unavailability:

Send to one Employee

In the employee's profile, next to their Passcode you will see an envelope:

Click the envelope to go to the same Welcome your staff to Tanda screen that we detailed above, but only this employee will be ticked under staff.

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