Adding staff into your Tanda account is super easy! There are a couple of options depending on which payroll software you use as well as your usual business process.

Importing from Payroll or spreadsheet

Check out our system specific guides on Importing Staff

Employee Onboarding (🇦🇺 Australia Only)

Tanda's Employee Onboarding sends an invite to any new employees, linking them to a web app where they can fill out details such as emergency contacts, banking details, and their TFN declarations. This information is then sent into Tanda.

Want to see what it looks like for new staff? Take a look at our demo.

Go to Workforce > Staff:

Click the green + Add Staff button in the top right and select Employee Onboarding from the dropdown:

If your business is located in Australia, you may see a setup modal appear. Onboarding automatically submits TFN Declarations to the ATO, but to do so, we need a few details - use the same details here that you would use on a TFN Declaration paper form.

Once this form is complete, click Start Adding Employees in the modal, or the green Add Employees button on the Onboarding page. You can then enter the employee's details in the modal that appears. You can add multiple employees at once.

When you’re done, click Send Invite and let your employee take care of the rest.

*Employee Onboarding may not be enabled in your account, if you’d like to chat with us about setting it up in your account, send us an email at and we’ll be in touch.

Adding Staff Manually

Go to Workforce > Staff:

Click the green Add Staff button in the top right and select Add Manually:

Fill out the new staff member's details and click Create New Employee.

You'll then get some suggestions for what you can do next with your new employee.

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