There are lot's of cool little features in Timesheets to make things easier for you! Have a read below of some different areas in the Weekly and Daily Timesheets

Timesheets are found in the header by selecting Daily or Weekly:

At the end of each shift, you'll see the Worked and Rostered dollar value and hours and then the Variance:

You'll also see a set of icons:

  • Eraser icon: clears shift times for that day
  • Plus icon: creates another shift line, useful for splitting the shift into different teams
  • Airplane icon: add leave to the shift
  • Bubble icon: Add comment to the shift (further information below)
  • Collapse icon: if there isn't any times entered for an employee you can collapse their shift so you don't see it anymore in the list. 

Time highlighting

Depending on how a field has been updated or what sort of time it is, it may be highlighted. This highlighting acts as a way of flagging that time for the manager to pay particular attention to when checking the timesheet.

Time entered online instead of using a time clock

If the timesheet has been updated by the employee either on the employee portal at or by logging in directly to their timesheets at it will be highlighted pink. This is useful as it indicates to managers which fields to pay particular attention to.

Break time entered manually

When the break time has been entered manually i.e. the break total isn’t based from clocking and out it will be highlighted orange. 

Overnight shifts

Where a shift goes overnight it will be highlighted yellow. To enter an overnight shift simply add AM after the entered time. For example, type 2AM and this will be formatted yellow just like the example below.

Add comments 

To add comments simply click the comment icon on the far right. This will open the comments window. Type your comment in the box and click Add Comment. You can also choose to notify specific people about your comment by selecting their name before clicking the add comment button.

Once comments have been added to timesheets the icon will be highlighted in blue.

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