You should have first ensured you have configured your Public Holiday Settings in Tanda and set up your correct Leave Types

Once you have done this, you'll want to know that your Public Holidays are applying correctly on your Timesheet. Let's have a look at the different scenarios that can apply, through some example timesheets below:

Employee worked the Public Holiday and needs to be paid at Penalty Rates

Under Timesheets > Weekly, click on the relevant employee to go into their timesheet:

The following employee has worked 5 hours on Christmas Day, so if we go down to their Timesheet Export Summary at the bottom of their timesheet, we can see that the Public Holiday award rule is applying:

If you are using a Tanda Managed Award Template, this is inbuilt as part of our award rules. Alternatively, if you have your own custom rules and this isn’t showing, please contact Tanda Support.

Full Time Staff - Paid for Not Working:

When you setup your Public Holiday rules in Tanda,  Full Time staff automatically receive leave on a Public Holiday when they don’t clock-in, then it should look like this on their Timesheet:

This will automatically populate on their timesheet, if they haven't clocked in by 11pm on a Public Holiday. 

If the automated Public Holiday (Paid/Not Worked) leave didn't apply for an employee, and it's after 11pm on the Public Holiday day, check in their profile that they are assigned as a Full Time employee. If they weren't but should be, make the relevant change, and then you can manually apply the leave by clicking the airplane Leave icon in the timesheet. 

Part Time Staff - Paid for Not Working:

Tanda unfortunately can’t automate Part Time staff being paid on a Public Holiday, as we don’t know which days and for how many hours they are contracted to work, you just need to apply this leave yourself.

In the header click on Time Off > Leave > +New Leave Request, or within the employee's timesheet, at the end of the applicable day's row, click the Add Leave icon:

Select the Part Time: Public Holiday (Paid/Not Worked) leave type (or similar name that you created) and Add the Leave. On the Timesheet the Leave will then display:

If you can't see this leave type under an employee, check in their profile that they are tagged as Part Time. If they weren't, make the change and update their profile and then try applying the leave again.

For any questions or issues please contact Tanda Support on 1300 859 117 or

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