Timesheets are found in the header by selecting Daily or Weekly:

Click on an employee in Weekly Timesheets to access their Timesheet or go to the relevant Day that you wish to edit a time for a staff for:

Editing Time

Making changes to times is easy, you just click into the field you want to amend and type in what you want it to display. You'll know that you're clicked into the field as it will have a blue border:

Changes save automatically so you don't have to worry about approving the shift if you're not ready to yet, or clicking a save button.

You can also edit times on the timesheet based on the Clocked or Rostered times, as displayed with the C: and R: below the shift. Hover over these and you will see them underline, this means you can click on it and the box above will change based on this:

In the example above, if I click on the C: 09:00, the box above will automatically populate with this time. 


You can either update the Break Start and Break End or just update the Break Total column, as this will be the overriding field which will export to payroll.

As you can see above, the employee took a 30 minute break from 12:30 to 1pm but I have overridden this with 60 minutes in the Break Total column. It is also highlighted in orange to highlight that this time was entered manually. 

Adding Missing Time

If an employee forgot to clock a shift, the field will show as red to indicate it is incomplete. To fill in the missing time simply click into the field and start typing. 

You can also click the rostered time to automatically popular that field with the time you have clicked.

Delete a Timesheet/ Shift

You can clear times in a timesheet or delete the whole timesheet. Just keep in mind that once this is done it cannot be reversed. Deleting timesheets is also only visible to Admin level users, not General or Team Managers.

Daily View

To clear all times on one day for an Employee, click the eraser icon on the right of the row:

Weekly View

To clear times for one day on the employee's timesheet, click the eraser icon on the right of the row:

Or to delete their whole timesheet, scroll to the bottom of the timesheet and just above the Timesheet Export Summary, click Delete Timesheet:

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