When a staff member uses the Tanda Time Clock, a timesheet will be automatically created for them. You can view timesheets by clicking on Timesheets in the header:

At some point, you may need to create a manual timesheet for an employee (i.e. they have not used the time clock and you want to add in their times to Tanda). 

To do this, go to Timesheets > Weekly and then you'll see a + Create Timesheet button in the top right:

Only staff who don't already have a timesheet will show in this list. Click Create Timesheet next to their name to add a timesheet for them:

Some other reasons for staff not showing in this list is if they haven't been added to Tanda or aren't ticked as an Employee in Permissions in their profile.

You will then be taken to a blank timesheet for this staff member for the pay period. Click on the day(s) you wish to enter times for:

This is done by clicking on "Tuesday, no shifts clocked or rostered", to bring up a shift line. 

Once you have entered the relevant times, click Approval All at the bottom to approve the timesheet ready for export. 

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