Exporting from Tanda

Timesheet data can be exported into a file readable by CloudPayroll. In Timesheets click the Export to Payrolllink.

You will be taken to the Timesheet Export Preview page. Here any errors on your timesheets will be flagged. You can easily check each timesheet and when you are ready to export click Export Timesheets.

The data exported reflects the timesheets that are currently displaying. So, if you are only viewing an individual employee’s timesheets, you can export just their data into CloudPayroll.>

When you click the button, a file will be downloaded to your computer. The file has the extension .csv so you can open it for viewing in Excel, or a text editor.

Importing into CloudPayroll

When doing your pay run in CloudPayroll, choose the option to Upload timesheets, rather than entering them. Choose the .csv file that you downloaded from Tanda and click_Upload Timesheets_.

CloudPayroll’s import of your attendance data may take some time. When it’s complete, you can fix any errors that may have occured, then continue to process your pay run.

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