When a staff member uses the Tanda time clock, a timesheet will be automatically created for them. View all timesheets by clicking on the link from the Tanda menu.

However, you may for some reason need to create a manual timesheet for an employee (i.e. they have not used the time clock yet you want to add in their times). To do this go to Timesheets > Weekly/Fortnightly. Once in here, you will see a button to Create Timesheet, once you click on this you will see a list of employees who have not yet had a timesheet created for them.

If you don’t see the employee you are looking for in this list, check:

  • Have they been added to Tanda: Staff > My Team to see if they’re in the list
  • Are they ticked as an employee: in their profile under Permissions, is the Employee box ticked?
  • Do they already have a timesheet: check that their name isn’t already listed in the overview screen with all your other staff’s timesheets.

If you see the employee you would like to create the timesheet for, the next step is to click Create Timesheet. You will then be taken to a blank timesheet for this staff member for the pay period.

Simply enter the relevant Times and Save or Approve at the bottom when completed. Their timesheet will then be visible with the other staff under Weekly/Fortnightly timesheets.

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