If you have shift allowances set up in your account these can be applied to shifts on timesheets in two ways. They may apply automatically based on the rules outlining when they should be applied or they can be applied manually.

How to add or view allowances on weekly timesheets

Any allowance that is applying automatic or manual will be displayed at the bottom of the shift row. For example, this timesheet has an allowance called Early Work Penalty apply for 0.5 units.

How to add an allowance

To add an allowance, click the blue + Add button. 

This will open the allowance window up. Simply select the allowance from the dropdown, specify the units and click Save allowances.

Adding allowance will update the total shift costs.

If you open the allowance window and you don't have any options to choose from this means either A) there are no shift allowances set up in your account. Or B) there are no shift allowances applicable to the timesheet you are currently on.

How to add allowances on daily timesheets

Under the Allowances column on your timesheets will sit all the applicable allowances in your account, this is dependent on your award or custom setup.

To view Allowances, click the drop down box under the heading Allowances:

Allowances with the word - automated at the end are, automatically applied. You can click on one of these to see if it’s applying on the shift:

In the example above, we have selected Weekday Nightshift Allowance and we can see for the first employee it is applying for 1 hour and for the second employee, 4 hours.

If you need to apply a manual allowance, click the drop down to select the name and then enter the units applicable:

In the example above, the allowance is paid hourly on the employee’s shift, so we have put in 8 as the units payable.

Once you have entered all your manual allowances for this day, either Approve the shift by clicking the tick at the end of the row or Save & Update at the bottom of the Single Schedule:

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