To set up Leave in Tanda, go to Payroll > Leave Types

If you are viewing this page for the first time, you will have some default leave types including Annual Leave and Personal Carer’s Leave. By default these leave types apply to all staff and will need to be configured to reflect your business.

Configuring Leave

To configure Leave to your business, click on the relevant leave type; in this example we will use Annual Leave.

You can leave the name as Annual Leave, if your business refers to it as Holiday Pay you can type this instead.

Next you need to select the Export name so Tanda knows which wage item to send this to in your Payroll software. If you use Xero or MYOB Live you will see a drop down box with all your Pay Items, select the relevant name.

If your payroll software is a desktop version such as MYOB AccountRight or Reckon, type the name as it appears in your wage item list.

Important: The export name field must match the name of the wage item exactly. To ensure leave is paid into your payroll software correctly, copy and paste this directly from your payroll software into the export name field.

In most scenarios, the Award Template can be left to apply to “No Template”. This means that all staff, even those not on an award template in Tanda can apply for this leave type. By selecting an award template, you are restricting applicants to those set up on that template. This may be useful if you have multiple awards and want to configure leave types for each award.

In the Leave Applies On section, you can select when to apply this leave. For leave types such as Annual Leave, you may wish staff to be able to apply for this on any day, or restrict them to apply for it just on weekdays when they would normally be at work.

Note: In order to pay staff leave on weekends, you must enable costing leave on weekends in Settings > General Settings > Leave

Leave Applies To allows you to configure which staff can apply for leave. For Annual leave, you may wish to restrict this to full time staff, or allow all staff in the system to access it by selecting All Staff.

To set a pay rate for the leave type, adjust the Pay Rate Multiplier to pay at a multiple of the base rate for each hour of leave. In most scenarios this multiplier can be left as 1.

To configure the leave type not to export to your payroll software, as in the case of unpaid leave, select the Do Not Export option, otherwise leave unticked.

Click Update at the bottom to save any changes. 

You can repeat this process for any other Leave types that you want to use in Tanda. 

Delete Leave Type

If there are any Leave Types you don't want in your account, you can click the Delete (trash can icon) at the end of the leave type line. 

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