Staff can apply for Leave in Tanda in a couple of different ways. As the business owner or Manager, you might choose to restrict access to some methods.

Staff can apply for leave through the Time Clock, The Employee Portal or My Tanda. Have a read of our article on how to Setup Staff to Apply for Leave to configure staff access. 

When staff request leave, you will be notified by Email as well as a Task in your Task List on the Dashboard:

Click on the link or go to Time Off > Leave to access your Leave Requests:

Entering Leave Request

Click the green + New Leave Request button in the top right hand corner allows you to add in leave on behalf of an employee or for yourself. These requests will be automatically approved and will appear in the Approved tab once requested.

Pending Leave Tab

Leave requests entered through the leave portal will come through to the Pending tab of the leave section. You can approve or decline a leave request by using the buttons in the bottom left hand corner of the request and your staff will be notified by email.

To help navigate your pending leave, click on the drop down date. To further filter leave by date, use the date picker to select the start and end date for the period, or use a preset time period on the right of the calendar.

Approved Leave Tab

Once approved, leave requests will move to the approved tab, where they can be edited by managers until exported to your payroll software. You can view the history of the leave request to track changes, send a message to your staff or decline the approved request using the View History, Send Message and Decline options above the request.

For more accurate cost centre reporting, select an option from the cost centre drop down menu to associate the cost of leave with that centre.

Declining Leave

Declining a leave request will prompt you to send an email notification to the staff member, outlining why the leave was declined. Once leave is declined, the request will be moved to the declined tab.

Deleting Leave

If you would like to delete a leave request, you can do this by clicking on the Delete Request button found at the top right of each leave request. You are able to delete both Pending and Approved leave. This will move the request into the Declined tab without having to send staff a notification email. Keeping a track of deleted leave is important for security purposes and will prevent any problems if a request is accidentally deleted.

Editing Leave

If you wish to edit a leave request, you may do so up until any timesheet on which the leave applies has been exported. If the timesheet has already been exported, you will notice a lock on the leave request highlighting this. If you wish to edit this leave request, you will need to unlock the timesheet it applies to first.

Leave Tools

To keep track of your leave, subscribe to the Leave Calendar on your calendar software using the subscribe option in the tools menu. You can also export your leave as a csv file for reporting in Excel.

To view the history of a leave request or send a message to your staff in regards to their leave, you can access these tools by clicking the down arrow next to the staff members name above their leave request. For a link to the timesheet that this leave request falls on, use the View Timesheet tool. To view all leave requests for this staff member, you can also select All Leave Requests for a complete list.

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