Admins can view on the Dashboard, in the Our Time Clocks widget, a list of the Time Clocks linked to your account, as as well as the Status; Online or Offline.

If one of your active Time Clocks is showing as Offline, this means your clockins won't be sent through to Tanda, so you should have a look at the Troubleshooting Guide

To view more information about your Time Clocks, click on the name of the Time Clock. 

To see a full list of time clocks, hover over your account name in the top right hand corner and select Our Time Clocks:

The Our Time Clocks screen shows you any active or inactive time clocks linked to your account. To change the name of a time clock, click on the device name and enter in a new name for the device. To see clock-ins from a device click on the clock-ins link in the right hand column.

Update Time Clock Nicknames

You can update the nickname or location of a time clock by simply clicking on it’s name and making changes.

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