Tanda does not currently import staff data from QuickBooks automatically, but you can import the relevant data by following the steps below.

To export data from QuickBooks:

  1. Choose the File menu, then the Utilities option.
  2. Choose the Export option, then the Lists to IIF files option.
  3. Choose to export an Employee List , then click OK. You will be able to choose a location to save this file on your computer.

See this support guide for more information.

Importing into Tanda

In Tanda, go to Staff and My Team:

On the right click on + Add Staff > Import from > ...Reckon/QuickBooks Desktop:

Follow the prompts to upload the report you exported from Reckon:

You’ll then be redirected back to Tanda, where you’ll see a progress indicator and once your staff have been imported you’ll see the list of them.

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