Tailor Tanda’s rostering to suit your business processes by configuring roster settings. Head to Settings > General > Roster (tab).

Automatically approve timesheets

If you’ve chosen to create your Timesheets based on shifts in the Roster rather than using a timeclock, you can configure it so these are automatically approved as well.

If you want to automatically approve timesheets once you have created them from the Roster, ensure this option is ticked. This will allow you to immediately export your timesheets. If you don’t want the timesheets to be approved so you can go through and check everyone’s hours before approving, simply untick this box.


Unavailability in Tanda lets your staff let you know when they can’t work. If you have or were to roster on a staff member when they’ve entered unavailability, you’d see a red warning on the roster but you can choose to ignore this warning and keep them on the roster.

Unavailability is turned off by default in all new accounts, but can be enabled by placing a tick in the box next to ‘Employees can use an app to enter unavailability’ and clicking Update.

You can also specify the minimum number of days notice required for unavailability. This means that staff will not be able to enter availability within X days of the current date. By default this is set to four but can be changed by entering a new number in the field and clicking Update.

Request Roster

When enabled, staff can send Tanda an SMS asking for their roster and will get sent back an SMS with their roster for the current week. These SMS would count toward your monthly SMS credit or are an additional 10cents per SMS if credit isn’t available.

Roster Validation

Roster Validation lets you put in set criteria for your business’s shift conditions so you’re reminded if you exceed these limits when rostering staff. This feature is turned off by default so if you want to use it in the Roster, you’ll just have to enable it.

To enable, click the tick field next to Roster Validation and then you set your criteria below.

Remember to click Update once you are happy with your settings.

Please note: there is also other roster validation that will always be turned on, this validation includes:

  • staff are unavailability
  • staff on leave
  • shift clashes
  • staff exceeding weekly hours
  • staff qualifications
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