With Tanda’s Notifications & Tasks, you can make tracking your staff's movements easier and automate reminders in your account.

Instant Notifications

Instant Notifications can be configured in Settings > Notifications & Tasks:

You can setup notifications for:

  • When Staff are late for work
  • When Staff are working past their roster
  • When Staff don't take a rostered break
  • When specific Staff clock in or out

There was a few different ways that these Notifications can be sent out:

  • SMS to the employee
  • SMS to the employee's manager
  • SMS to the organisation's admin
  • Custom additional mobile phone numbers
  • Email 

Simply click the red cross to change the symbol to a tick to activate the option:

This will update as soon as the tick is active. Just keep in mind that the majority of these notifications rely on a roster being entered for the employee. If a roster hasn’t been created for an employee, a notification can't be triggered.

Scheduled Tasks

Scheduled can be configured in Settings > Notifications & Tasks:

Tasks in Tanda that can be scheduled are:

  • Copy Rosters to Next Week
  • Incomplete Timesheet Reminders - Weekly
  • Incomplete Timesheet Reminders - Daily

To enable a Task, click on the name in the heading and a drop down box will show where you can see when the task will occur. 

You can add email addresses if you want Tanda to send you a notification once the task has completed.

To enable or disable each Task, just click the Enable or Disable green or red text box.

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