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In addition to all of the standard functionality Tanda offers, there is also extra features you can add to your account, these are called power-ups. To view and enable available power-ups, head to Settings > Add-ons > Power-ups.


By enabling Qualifications you can:

  • Create qualifications like RSAs, Blue Cards, and compliance certifications.
  • Set qualification license numbers and expiry dates on staff profiles.
  • Get a warning when trying to roster staff who aren’t qualified.
  • Prevent staff from being added to teams they aren’t qualified for

Read a full overview of the Qualifications power-up

Advanced Payroll Fields

Display additional fields on the profile tabs of employees, for more complex payroll setups:

  • Option to ignore employee’s age and pay at adult wages.
  • Part time fixed hours, for contract hours related overtime.
  • Expected hours in week, for salaried staff.
  • Overtime averaging fields, to calculate overtime on a different range to the organisation default.

Custom Export Dates

Adds a date picker to the timesheet export to payroll page, so you can export timesheets over a custom date range. Use this power-up for:

  • Monthly payroll,
  • Bi-monthly payroll,
  • Quarterly payroll,
  • Or any other dates you can think of!
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