To view and configure this area, go to Settings and General Settings and the Misc tab :

Minimum interval between clock-ins

Clock-ins that occur closer together than this number of minutes will be treated as duplicates and handled differently by the timesheet. This is useful for cases such as:

  • Nick clocks out to go on his break
  • A co-worker asks Nick to come take a look at something
  • Nick clocks back in
  • Nick spends 10 minutes looking at this document and providing feedback on it
  • Nick clocks out again to actually take his break

In this case, the initial clock out, and subsequent clock in, are ignored. The final clock out (when Nick actually starts his break) are used.

Set this setting to 0 (zero) to disable it. In this case, no action will be considered a duplicate (all actions will be recorded separately). 5 minutes is a sensible default for most work environments:

Show weekends on timesheets and rosters

If enabled, weekends will be shown on timesheets and rosters. This is the default

If disabled, Saturdays and Sundays will not show up when viewing a timesheet or roster, unless someone has clocked in on that day:

If you make any changes to any of the Settings, just remember to click Update Settings at the bottom to save your changes.

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