To configure your Roster Validation settings, go to Settings > General Settings > Validation tab:

Note that Roster Validation for leave, unavailability and shift clashes is always on.

Validation for All Staff

The All Staff rule will always apply to all staff in your organisation.

Custom Rules

To create a custom rule press + New. You would create a custom rule if you wanted certain validations to apply to some staff but not all. There are two methods for targeting a subset of staff. They can be used independently or together.


To target staff by age we can enter either a minimum, maximum or both. To target a specific age we would enter the same age number for both minimum and maximum.

Award Tag

To target staff by an Award Tag, select one or more from the dropdown menu. The filter will apply to staff who have any of the selected Award Tags.

Once the filter has been set, we can see the affected staff by hovering over the blue text here:

Shift Validation

Max shift length

The maximum length of a shift, given in hours.

Min shift length

The minimum length of a shift, given in hours.

Min hours between shifts

The minimum amount of time between two shifts on two different days, given in hours.

Roster Validation

Max shifts per week

The maximum number days with rostered shifts per week.

Max hours per week

The maximum number of hours rostered across the week.

Max shifts per day

The maximum number of shifts per day.


Use the Delete button to remove a roster validation rule.

As with all the Settings, if you make any changes, don't forget to click Update Settings at the bottom to save. 

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