To configure your Time Off settings, go to Settings > General Settings > Time Off tab:


Allow Employees to enter leave requests

When enabled, this allows employees to enter their own Leave requests on the Employee App and My Tanda. When it's unticked, they won't see the Leave option on either of these modes.

Cost leave on weekends

By default, Tanda assumes that staff generally only take leave on weekdays. If your business runs 7 days a week, you’ll need to enable this option so the leave is calculated and exports if it's on a weekend.

Default leave length

When a leave application is being entered into Tanda, you'll notice the total hours auto-populates. This information is pulled from the setting Default leave request length (hours).

By default, this is set as 7.6 hours as this is generally what most businesses use for a standard day. To update this just enter the new number in the field. This will then update the total hours field when staff or Managers record leave:


Unavailability is turned on by default in all new accounts, but can be disabled by unticking the box ‘Employees can use the Tanda App to enter their unavailability’ and clicking Update Settings at the bottom.

You can also specify the minimum number of days notice required for unavailability. This means that staff will not be able to enter availability within x days of the current date. By default this is set to four but can be changed by entering a new number in the field and clicking Update Settings:


When an employee requests time off, notify

Select who you want to receive a notification when Leave and Unavailability is entered. Click the drop down box to select:

  • Nobody - to disable notifications
  • Admins - all Admin permission users in the account
  • Employee's team managers - all Team Managers for the particular employee
  • Admins & employee's team managers - will send to both


An email is received with the Leave Request details. The user can then accept or decline the request which will then notify the employee and action the request in Tanda.


An email is received daily at 8am with any new or updated unavailability entries. 

As with all the Settings, if you make any changes, don't forget to click Update Settings at the bottom to save. 

If you would like further assistance please contact Tanda Support by clicking on the blue chat icon in the bottom right corner, on 1300 859 117 or 

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