You can configure unpaid breaks in your Break Settings. To access this, go to Settings > General Settings > Breaks tab:

Staff can clock breaks using Time Clock

When this is ticked, the system will recognise a second clock-in for the day as the employee returning from a break. If it is unticked, it will put any other clock-ins on to a new shift line.



Automatic Breaks

The amount of time entered in the Automatic Break length (minutes) field will automatically be added to the Break Total field in a shift when the Shift Length time below is met:

So in the example above, after 5.5 hours on a shift, 30 minutes will be deducted. You can still override what is entered on the timesheet, but this assists with award specific set breaks. 

Merge clock and automatic breaks

When this is ticked, if you have an automatic break, but the employee also clocks a break, it will combine both those times.

So in the example above, the 30 min automatic break has applied, but the employee has also clocked out for 30 minutes, so the Break Total is 60 minutes and this is what will be deducted from their timesheet.

As with all the Settings, if you make any changes, don't forget to click Update Settings at the bottom to save. 

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