When it’s time for your staff to have an unpaid break, we can either get them to clock in and clock out or apply an automatic break. Which option you choose is up to you and can be configured in Settings > General Settings > Breaks.

Staff can clock breaks

When this is ticked, the system will recognise a second clock-in for the day as the employee returning from a break. If it is unticked, it will put any other clock-ins on to a new shift line.

Automatic Breaks


With automatic breaks, you still have the ability to adjust time deducted on the timesheet manually. If you don’t want to use automatic breaks, just remove the 30 from the Automatic break length (minutes) field.

Merge clock and automatic breaks

Finally, you can merge clocked breaks with automatic breaks. When this is ticked, if you have an automatic break, but the employee also clocks a break, it will combine both those times.

When enabled, if you have a 30 minute automatic break applying and the employee also clocked in and out for 30 minutes, 60 minutes will be deducted from their timesheet:

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