When Staff or Managers enter Unavailability or Leave requests, Tanda will alert you to this on the Roster.

Go to the relevant roster by either clicking on Rosters > Browse Rosters or Current Roster:

Unavailability/Leave in Week View

If you're rostering in Week view (the default view or accessed in the sidebar by clicking on Week), you'll see a red warning flag on the shift to alert you an Unavailability or Leave request.

When you click on the red warning flag, you can see more details such as whether it is Leave or Unavailability and the times and reason:

Unavailability in Week View

Leave in Week View

You can still roster staff on who have an unavailability request and Email/SMS the shift details.  If you do leave the shift on the roster, you will see a red pop up flag, but you can just ignore it.
For Leave, you should go to Leave in the header and decline/delete the Leave request should you need to roster the employee on. 

Unavailability/Leave in Staff View

In Staff view, the shift box will show with Unavailable to indicate there is an Unavailability request entered for this day, without having to enter any shift details:

You can click on the box to see when it applies and More details to go to the Calendar to edit:

With Leave, this will also show automatically in the shift box, and whether it is Pending or Approved: 

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