In Tanda you can view when a Roster was sent out, so you know who sent it, when and what was sent:

Published Rosters

Under Rosters and Current Rosters:

Click on Tools and Published Rosters:

Here you can view a list of every time a roster was Published (Emailed or sent by SMS) 

The list will show who was the creator, how it was published (Email/SMS), When this occurred, what period it covers and a copy of what the roster looked like at the time of this publishing. This is especially useful for tracking any changes made. 


The SMS Log is located under Settings in the top right hand corner of your account:

This will show the time the SMS was sent, the number, what was contained in the message and most importantly, the delivery status:

If Staff say they haven't received their roster, a good place to start is:

  1. Checking the SMS Log
  2. Checking their mobile number - has it changed from what is in Tanda
  3. Are they in a bad reception area - as it might not have come through

If you're still not sure, please contact Tanda Support and we can assist with investigating, on 1300 859 117 or

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