Setting specific break times on your shifts will allow you to ensure you always have enough staff working during certain times of the day.

Go to the relevant roster by either clicking on Rosters > Browse Rosters or Current Roster:

If you need to roster in exact break times, you can do this by clicking on the pencil icon on the top right corner of a shift and click Add break:

This will take you to the Day view of the roster. This is where Break Times are entered, so you can also switch between Days to enter specific breaks for staff for the whole week. 

Under the Break column, enter the start and finish time of the break in the format below:

You can also click in the graph bar to the right where you would like to insert a break in the shift:

To get back to the Week view of the Roster, simply click on Week View on the sidebar. 

You will now see, when you hover over the pause/break icon that a break time has been set. Staff members will be notified of breaks as well as start and finish times when they are sent their roster

Set up automatic breaks

Alternatively, if your staff don’t take set break times, but need to have a portion of their day taken out for an unpaid break, you can set this up in the Settings menu - Break Settings.

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