Costs View provides you with a detailed breakdown of the roster costs for the week so that you can make informed decisions on how who and when you should roster your staff.

In your Roster, accessed by going to Rosters > Current Roster, you will see the different Roster Views in the left panel. Click the drop down arrow to select Costd:

In this section, you will find the Total cost of the current weeks roster. You can also enter in a Sales target for the week for Tanda to calculate what percentage of the sales cost rostering will cost. You can include any Fixed Costs to add to your total, this could include cost of super, or any other business cost.

The Costs by day will show you the individual cost per day as well as Hours and a dollar Average value. You can click the drop down arrow to the right of each day to see a further breakdown of costs per person.

Finally you will find a Costs by staff table, which highlights the different award rates applying for each staff member so you can see who is receiving what rates, and when

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