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Tanda makes creating powerful cost-aware rosters easy! Once you have added your staff info into Tanda and created locations & teams you can start rostering.

Navigate to the Current Roster page.

Rostering Views

There are a few different views you can use to build rosters in Tanda. Toggle between different views using the view switcher in your sidebar.

Staff view
Staff view lists each staff member on the left and each day of the week at the top. 

Week View
Week view lists each shift card vertically for each day of the week. This gives you a great overview look at your entire roster.

Day view
Day view just shows you shifts for one day at a time. This is useful if you want to make sure you have staff coverage throughout the day.

How to create a shift

To create a shift simply click into an empty shift card and assign a team and a staff member. If you click on the team box first you will see a dropdown where you can choose any available team. Once a team has been added to a shift card only staff that have been added to that team (on their profile) can be assigned the shift.

Alternatively you can assign staff to the shift before adding a team, once you do this the available teams will only be those that this staff member can actually work in.

If you're rostering in staff view you will just need to click the + to create an empty shift card.

Enter Times

When entering times, remember:

  • For morning (am) times, just enter the time. eg. 7 or 730
  • For afternoon/pm times place a p at the end. So you would type 530p or put it in in 24hour time 1730
  • For shifts that go into the early hours of the next day, place am at the end . So you would type 130am

The start time will be entered in the first box and the finish time in the second box.

You can then continue to add other staff and set their shift times. You will notice that if a staff member is a member of one team only, their team will automatically be allocated to that shift. For example, Amelia is only a member of the Driving Team, and therefore it has allocated her into this team for her shift.

Duplicate/Copy Shifts

A quick way to copy shifts is to use keyboard shortcuts. Hover over the shift and press ctrl+c, then put your mouse over the blank shift and press ctrl+v to paste.

Another way to do this is by clicking the pencil icon in the top right corner:

Click on copy and a duplicate of that shift will be created below. You can then drag the second shift card to another day.

You can then change the times or any other information of that duplicated shift if necessary.


If you need to roster in exact break times, under the pencil icon, click Add break.

This takes you to the Day View screen i.e. Monday 4th. Under the Break column for the shift enter the start and finish time of the break in the format below. It will then calculate the length of this break for you.

To get back to the Week view of the Roster, click on the date above, in this example where it shows Mon 4th and select Week View.

You will now see, when you hover the pause/break icon that a break time has been set. Each staff member will be notified of their break times when they receive their roster.

Alternatively, if your staff don’t take set break times, but need to have a portion of their shift taken out for an unpaid break, you can set this in the Settings menu.

Have a read of our guide on how to Configure Breaks in Settings for more information.

Once you have configured these automatic breaks in settings, when you hover over the pause/break icon, you will see this is now reflected as Automatic break. The staff member will not be notified of break times when setting a break in this way but it will reflect in the roster costs.

Filtering the roster

Depending on how many teams you manage and roster for you might have a lot of shifts on the roster. If you ever want to just see shifts for specific teams you can use the team filters located in your sidebar to do so.

Just click the check boxes next to the teams and the roster will filter down to only show you shifts in those teams.

For more information on how to use the roster sidebar please see this article.

Publishing The Roster

If you’re happy with the level of detail on the roster as it is now, you can click green Send to Staff button.

Note : To avoid any confusion while you build your roster, Staff will not be able to view their Roster until you send it to them, or three days before the rostered pay period is due to start.

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